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We Are All One, Street Art, Public Mural in Longmont, Colorado

Tyrell’s first mural was created at age 17 in San Juan, Puerto Rico alongside her parents’ residential pool.  Unfortunately, there is no record of the ocean scene as they moved to another home shortly after the mural was completed.  She has since been painting murals as often as possible, sometimes publicly and sometimes on the walls of private homes. 

When not painting on walls, Tyrell also creates commissions for clients who are looking for custom canvases for their homes and for gifts.  She has made a variety of images from a parodied portrait from Game of Thrones to a spiritual tree based on an abstract concept of “Universal Religion.”

Whether you’re looking for something to hang or artwork to showcase more permanently on the walls of your home, Tyrell will work with you from concept to completion with excellent communication, sketches, color choices, and perfect placement. 

She is also open to mural collaborations, so don’t hesitate to reach out!

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