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Hey there!

​I’m Tyrell, pronounced like Carol with a T, an artist and a Mama living on the Front Range of Colorado, although I originally hail from Michigan.

tyrell osborn colorado artist painter housepainting muralist

In Kindergarten, I won a city-wide award for an abstract painting I made in class.  My parents framed it and hung it in the house, giving me the confidence that I might be good at art, although I’m pretty sure all the Kindergarten art was award-worthy.  I continued creating art through high school, but took a break in college because art was a “hobby not a career.”  After a few years of taking classes I hated, I filled a missing elective credit with a drawing class and the instructor asked me why I wasn’t an art major.  Thanks, Gene! 


I eventually earned a degree in Art Education at a non-traditional age and taught online high school and middle school art for 5 years.  Although I loved the connection with my students, I decided sitting in front of computer all day just wasn’t for me.

Besides education, I’ve also worked many years in the restaurant business and then in construction, but have decided instead to settle into the creative life for good, nurturing my artistic roots inherited from my Grandma Betty. 

tyrell osborn colorado longmont artist painter muralist

In the past year, I’ve created designs for apparel, made some street art, painted a few residential murals, shown work in a couple gallery shows, delved more deeply into wood burning, and am currently revamping my studio. 

I have also painted at live events, taught countless community art classes, run an art education organization, created collaborative murals, taught homeschool art classes, and my work has been shown in many galleries and even an art festival in which I won an award for Best in Show.

In establishing Seeker Creative, I am choosing art as my perpetual environment, daily connecting with color, design, aesthetics, and beauty.  At this point in my life, I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to consciously curate the second half of my life, to embrace my creative story.

tyrell osborn colorado artist painter mural housepainting

As Seeker unfolds, I wish to widen my circles of human connection and beauty, possibly traveling across the world to create murals and acquire new cultural inspiration. 

If any of these words or concepts resonate with you, please don’t hesitate to reach out with ideas and collaboration!

tyrell osborn boulder colorado painter mural artist
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